Malamaal Daily Offer from Lottoland

Malamaal Daily Offer from Lottoland

Now that Lottoland is India and is putting everything behind its presence here, you can expect a number of fun offers coming your way. One such offer/promotion that is going on right now is the ‘Malamaal Daily’ offer! It is a low-cost way for lottery lovers to play and have a chance to win every single day.

Malamaal Daily Offer from Lottoland

Here are the important details about this offer that you should know:

  • Tickets start at Rs.40
  • There is a draw every single day
  • Jackpot is close to about Rs.72 Lakh
  • If no one wins the Jackpot then the other players stand to win more money for the smaller prizes!

How to play Malamaal Daily at Lottoland?

It is very simple.

  • Firstly, make your account at Lottoland and log in
  • Buy your ticket (you can purchase multiple or use combination bets)
  • Choose five numbers between 1 and 42
  • Wait for the draw that happens at 1:10 AM India time. So, if you buy your ticket on Monday, the draw will technically happen early on Tuesday morning.

Prizes for Malamaal Daily at Lottoland

There are three tiers of prizes that are available.

You can win up to Rs.72 Lakh if all of your five numbers match.  You get around Rs.15,000 if four numbers match or about Rs.300 if three numbers match.

Remember that there is no minimum or maximum jackpot in this game. The exact number will vary on the ticket sales and so you could win a bit more or less than expected. One thing that you can be sure is of getting your money. Lottoland guarantees your prize money regardless of the size of the jackpot.

So, head on over to Lottoland India and try your luck! Who knows, maybe it is you that is going to win the massive jackpot tomorrow. Gamble responsibly!

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