Online Lotto Sites in India

A list of the top Indian lotteries you can play at online. Go for the jackpot win with lottery tickets!

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Let’s take a closer look at the online lotto sites players in India can use. Whilst we review all sites and lotteries in-depth for you, this is more of a general overview as to what you can expect in our reviews and what we are looking out for. Consider this a summary if you will.

Lottery Sites in India

First, we have to make the distinction between lottery site and lottery. We’re going to look at both, however, here we give you just an overview of the various sites you can use in India to play online lotteries. There are a great many lotteries and lottery sites out there and it’s not always easy to find the best or most reliable one. Both, if we’re lucky, go hand in hand.


Lottoland is particularly popular in India because they have a site specifically catering to players from India and Asia. As such, they accept Indian rupees and display all jackpots in INR as well.

Sign up here and play a Cricket Lotto Ticket to receive 10 “777” scratch cards for free as their special offer.

By they way, does not just offer lots of lotteries to play but keno scratch cards and even online casino games such as roulette and slots.


Here you can play lotteries from around the world around the clock. Lotto247 also accepts players from India, though they display each jackpot in the local currency that it is played in.

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Lotto247 comes with a clean and easy to use website that is particularly well suited to those trying online lotteries in India for the first time.


You can’t get past PlayHugeLottos when talking about online lotto sites in India. Players from India are welcome here and can enjoy a selection of 15 of the biggest online lotteries in the world.

Interestingly, their special offer is the same as that from Lotto247:

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PlayHugeLottos has been around for over 20 years, hence its popularity. We’ll check them out for you to see whether that’s warranted or not.


This one has a bit of an odd name, but they are all about lotteries here. In fact, they have just about the largest selection of online lotteries you can find anywhere.

Of course, you can also claim a special here and get 10% off All Lotteries on the Site (that is, official lottery tickets).

TheLotter offers bundle options and syndicate play, meaning you can join a syndicate and have a better chance at winning.


Another site that offers tons of international online lotteries is LottoKings. They don’t appear to have a special offer, but they have plenty of great jackpot lotteries for you to choose from.

An interesting option to check out are their Millionaire raffles, where only a limited number of tickets are sold, and jackpots don’t roll over. All the money from the tickets is paid out during each draw.


Playwin is included here because this is a site operated by the Sikkim government. They’ve been online since 2001 (as Myplaywin), but recently ceased operation. We don’t know how long ago that was, but when you visit their site right now, you get a notification that due to technical issues the draws are not configured for selling (whatever that means). You can still access the site, though.

There is some useful historical information and articles to check out that might be of interest to everyone wanting to play online lotteries in India. For the purpose of being thorough, we will also look further into Playwin for you.

What makes a good online lottery site?

There are various things we check for when reviewing online lotto sites in India. This is not unlike reviewing an online casino, for instance. After all, this is a form of gambling as well. You entrust your money to an online lotto site, trust that the purchase of your ticket is duly processed and that you will be paid out any money you may miraculously win once the lottery draw has taken place.

We have to be honest, of course, because winning the lottery does equal a miracle. That said, winning in the lower tiers, where you have 1, 2 or 3 correct numbers (depending on the lottery you need at least the special number or two of the regular numbers to score a win), is not as difficult as getting the jackpot.

But even small wins count and as such, we want to make sure that those are paid out in due course as well. So, we’ll be checking for payment history as far as it is available to us.

Here are some of the main criteria we check for you (in no particular order):

  • Safety and security – Is the site licensed (which licenses are we looking at?); Is it properly secured? do you get proof of your ticket (in case a physical ticket was purchased)?
  • Trustworthiness – Beyond the licensing we want to know more about their reputation and reviews from actual players.
  • Design and Usability – How easy is sign-up; How user-friendly is the site? How is the site designed (organised, cluttered, etc.)
  • Bonuses and promotions – Are there any special offers players can claim?
  • Banking – Which payment options are there? How easy is it to pay for your lottery ticket? How do wins make it to your account?
  • Products – Which lotteries can you play here? Are there other gambling products available (slots, scratch cards, instant win games)

We will also give an overview of the positives and negatives we found about each site, just in case you’re one of those TD;RL readers.

Whatever our verdict may be, however, you should always do your own homework before signing up at an online lottery site.

How does Online Lotto work?

In other words, how do you get your lottery ticket? The majority of online lotto sites have evolved to a point where you simply fill out a virtual lottery ticket. Depending on how many numbers (normal and extra) you are able to choose from a certain range of numbers, the ticket will be displayed accordingly, and you simply click on the numbers you want to play.

This may look something like this:

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Above is a screenshot from Lotto247 for the US Powerball lottery. The ‘Quick Pick’ option selects number randomly for you.

Once you have chosen your numbers, you confirm your selection and your ticket is added to the checkout. From there you will proceed with your payment. This may take several steps, depending on the site and the security measures in place.

When the ticket has been paid for, you are usually not able to cancel it (hence you need to confirm it five times beforehand). You are always able to buy more tickets for the same draw later, though.

Usually, you don’t need any more than that. The ticket is electronically available and will be played in the next draw.

Some lotteries require physical proof, however. That is, the numbers you may play as shown above, will be transmitted to an agent close to a lottery outlet. That agent then plays your numbers for you on an actual ticket. That ticket will then be scanned and added to your online lotto account, where you can view it. That’s your proof in case you do end up winning.

What should you consider before signing up

A brief word on signing up at an online lotto site in India. The process itself is not that difficult. You need a valid email address (as this will need be verified) and you need to make sure to complete the sign-up form with all the correct details (including your date of birth).

Before you sign up, however, you should research the online lotto sites that you consider using. Follow our rough guide above as to what’s important and read multiple reviews, not just one opinion. Research the site directly as well. That means you need to read the terms and conditions, find out exactly which deposit and withdrawal options are available and how they work in detail.

What happens when I win?

That’s the big question and the reason you played to begin with. So, what does happen when you win?

Almost all lotteries have several winning tiers. Depending on the lottery you’re playing, you may only need the special number correct to get a win, albeit a very small one. Other lotteries require you to have at least two of the regular numbers correct for a win. Either way, most lotteries have between 9 and 13 tiers, where you can win varying amounts depending on how many of your numbers happened to be correct.

You’ll be able to find out whether you won almost immediately after the draw. How much you may have won depends on the number of players overall, the size of the potential jackpot and how many players won in each tier.

Calculating that usually takes a moment, so you won’t know the exact amount right away. It may take an hour or a day before you will know.

Your lotto site will inform you of a win and depending on your chosen withdrawal method, the win should be paid out automatically.

In case of a jackpot win, however, the win needs to be verified with the official body holding the jackpot draw. That may take a while as well, especially since your identity will need to be verified as well. But once that happened, your win will also be transferred into your account automatically.

The Best Online Lotto Sites in India

So, in our humble opinion, which are the best online lotto sites you can use in India?

  2. TheLotter
  3. PlayHugeLottos
  4. Lotto247
  5. LottoKings

Is this list definitive? Hardly. Different reviewers have different opinions and, of course, different experiences and preferences. So, this list is not only subject to change but not set in stone.

But if we simply had to choose our top 5 best online lotto sites, these would be on that list.