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Lotto India is the first online lottery that is available online to customers from all over India. The lottery was established in 2019, when the first draw took place in June.

The minimum jackpot you are able to win with Lotto India is worth at least €500,000 (₹4.06 crore). And that’s quite something, especially since there are two draws every week, on Tuesday and Friday at 17:00 IST.

Interestingly, they claim that the lottery can be played from locations around the world, though we were unable to verify that and from our location at the time, we were not able to play. Still, for players from India this is a great lottery to check out.  Find out how it works right here.

How to play Lotto India

Lotto India works like many other similar lotteries as well. Here you select 6 different numbers from 1 to 50. Additionally, you need to select 1 Joker Ball from 1 to 5.

Those are the basics, of course. Let’s get into the details of how to play at, where you can play the lottery directly.

  • Hit the ‘Play Now’ button on the site and sign up for an account for Lotto India.
  • Then head on over to the ticket generator, where you can generate up to 4 picks at a time.
  • You can either choose your own set of numbers (all your favourite numbers and then some). Or you hit the ‘Quick Pick’ option to have numbers randomly selected for you.
  • Depending on whether you signed up or in previously, you will then hit the ‘Choose these numbers’ button and either sign in, register or move directly towards payment.
  • Note: Your entries are not valid until they have either been paid or you have activated a Free Bet Bonus (more on that below).

And then you’re all done.

One pick costs €0.50 or Rs. 40.6.

By the way, this is a pure online lottery, which means that you won’t be able to purchase tickets at a local store. So, playing it online is your only option.

Lotto India Prizes

Let’s look at the prizes you can win at Lotto India. The jackpot is the advertised €500,000 or ₹4.06 crore. But you need only have the Joker number correct to win a prize. However, unlike other lotteries, the lower tier prizes are not big at all. Take a look at this:

Matching numbersOddsPrize (Rs)
6 + Joker1 in 79,453,500€500,000 (Rs. 4.06 crore)
61 in 19,863,375€0.50 (Rs. 40.6)
5 + Joker1 in 300,960€0.50 (Rs. 40.6) + Free Bet Bonus
51 in 75,240€0.50 (Rs. 40.6)
4 + Joker1 in 5,599€0.50 (Rs. 40.6) + Free Bet Bonus
41 in 1,399€0.50 (Rs. 40.6)
3 + Joker1 in 299€0.50 (Rs. 40.6) + Free Bet Bonus
31 in 74€0.50 (Rs. 40.6)
2 + Joker1 in 39€0.50 (Rs. 40.6) + Free Bet Bonus
21 in 10€0.50 (Rs. 40.6)
1 + Joker1 in 12Free Bet Bonus
Joker1 in 11€0.50 (Rs. 40.6)

So, what happens here is that Lotto India is able to offer such a huge jackpots with tickets at a very small prize. But you’ll basically only get the prize of a panel back and, if you are lucky, a Free Bonus Bet that allows you to choose another pick.

If you have 6 correct numbers but not the Joker number, you’ll be very sorry indeed. But trying again next time also won’t cost you much and maybe one day you’ll get all seven numbers right and score the jackpot.

Keep in mind that the jackpot will be shared among all the players with the correct 6 numbers and Joker number.

Bumper Draws and Competitions

Occasionally, there will be so-called Bumper Draws. During these, the maximum jackpot draw will be significantly bigger than during regular draws. Up to 10x as much as far as we can tell.

If there is only 1 winner who got all the numbers right, they will win the full jackpot. If there are multiple winners with the correct matching numbers, the jackpot will be divided equally among them.

All other prizes remain the same as during the regular draws.

You need not worry that you may miss one such Bumper Draw as they are announced well in advance on the Lotto India homepage.

Lotto India also regularly runs competitions on their social media channels, where players get extra chances to win prizes. One occasion for a competition came ahead of the very first draw of Lotto India, where players received a free entrant to the lottery.

If you want to find out what competitions are on, you simply need to follow Lotto India on their social media channels.

Banking options and customer service

When it comes to paying for your lottery ticket, you have several convenient ways of funding your Lotto India account. You’ll find the most common payment methods here, including Visa and MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller, Euteller or

They also offer a range of local eWallets or instant banking methods, so be sure to check the complete list out in the FAQ section.

If you should win at Lotto India, your wins (and/or Free Bet) will be added to your Lotto India account. From there you can opt to withdraw your wins to your bank account.

And speaking of which, if you do have any questions about Lotto India, it’s a useful page to start. The commonly asked questions have been answered here, though beyond that you can also contact their customer service team. Whilst there is no live chat option, you can contact the customer service either via social media (on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) or by simply writing an email.

Design and usability of the website

Well, it’s an Indian lottery, so naturally you’ll find the colours of the Indian flag dominating the site. Not in an overdone way, though. It’s quite pleasing and relatively simple, without any unnecessary gimmicks.

The navigation is easy and self-explanatory. Everything important can be accessed just one click away and you won’t have to search for very long. We found the Lotto India site super user-friendly, even if you never played an online lottery before. Plus, everything is explained nicely, which is quite welcome.

By the way, an app is in development, so you can soon play Lotto India from your mobile phone without need to visit their mobile page.

Conclusion: Why should you play Lotto India?

We couldn’t find anything about Lotto India that looked like a massive red flag. The lottery is licensed via the Malta Gaming Authority, which is great and means it is well-regulated and should be safe.

We would have liked to tell you about previous winners of the lottery or positive player reviews but weren’t really able to find something along those lines. On the other hand, we also found absolutely nothing negative telling us to stay away.

In fact, if you want to give it a try, you have very little to lose. The concept is a good one, because the prize per pick is very low and if you win, you either get at least your bet back, perhaps a free bet on top and if things go well, you may even score the jackpot (or a part thereof).

From what we can tell, the lottery appears to be legitimate and since the stakes are so low, you have nothing much to lose when you try it out. Just try it out and see for yourself.

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