PlayHugeLottos started out in 1998 under the name The company has long since expanded beyond the UK lottery and is now owned and operated by Secure View Services Ltd., who are at home in Cyprus and licensed through Curacao.

Operating globally these days, PlayHugeLottos is available in several languages, welcoming players from India as well (though Hindi or any other Indian language is currently not supported). At PlayHugeLottos you can play 17 of the biggest and most popular lotteries in the world and a few other things besides that.

Considering the many years the site has been in operation, they have proven themselves to be reliable and trustworthy. Check out our review and find out whether they are an option for you to take your lottery play to.

The Good:

  • Over two decades in the business
  • Reliable operator
  • Interesting play options
  • User-friendly website
  • Rewards program and other bonuses
  • No commission on wins

The Not-so-good:

  • Does not accept INR
  • Mix of lottery agent and lottery betting
  • Jackpots may be paid out as an annuity
  • No Syndicates

Playing lotteries at PlayHugeLottos

As noted above, PlayHugeLottos is a mix of an online lottery agent that allows you to play internationally lotteries directly as well as a lotto betting site, where you simply bet on the outcome of a lottery draw.

Signing up at PlayHugeLottos is easy, though. You have to enter your name, email, password, select your country, add a mobile number and your birthday. That’s it.

Then you can deposit some funds into your newly created account and check out the various lotteries you can play.

From there you decide which one you want to play and follow these steps:

  • Select your lottery
  • Choose your lottery numbers (either your own or via quick pick) and how long you want to play for (how many draws)
  • Add the ticket to the cart and proceed to checkout
  • Confirm your selection and pay

After that it’s only a matter of waiting for the draw to happen and for you to find out whether you won. If you did, you receive an email from PlayHugeLottos. Wins of over £200 will earn you a phone call, however.

Now, at PlayHugeLottos you may end up playing the actual lottery, which means an agent goes out and purchases a ticket for you. Or you simply bet on the outcome of the lottery but are not officially participating in the draw.

You will not know which one is which and you will not be able to choose. This is inconvenient since not everybody likes the betting option. Most of us want to participate in the real deal. Apparently, PlayHugeLottos doesn’t know which one is which either as their insurance company (the one that pays out the big wings) decides whether an offer is played as the real lottery or whether players just bet on it.

The only indication you may get is a different jackpot size at PlayHugeLottos than the one officially listed on the jackpot site. Trying to find out which is the case with so many jackpots on offer is a little tedious, however.

PlayHugeLottos’ Services and Systems

One of the main benefits at PlayHugeLottos, which makes them more than just a run-of-the-mill lotto betting site, are the various ways you can play the lottery here.

  • Solo Play – You can buy up to 30 tickets for your chosen draw or even 50 tickets if you choose the quick pick option.
  • Bundles – Different to what we’ve seen elsewhere. At PlayHugeLottos a bundle lets you pre-purchase quick pick entries for your selected lotteries, where you then play all the draws across a period of your choosing.
  • Rapid Play – Simply a one-click subscription to your preferred lotteries.
  • Intelliplay – Interesting and innovative service, where you are automatically entered into your chosen lotteries that match your specified criteria (such as a minimum jackpot size).
  • Extra Numbers – This allows you to play all possible combinations of your chosen numbers.

It’s important to note that you cannot join lottery syndicates at PlayHugeLottos as they don’t offer them.

Which lotteries can you play and bet on at PlayHugeLottos?

As already mentioned, PlayHugeLottos currently allows you to participate in or bet on 17 international lotteries.

These are:

  • US Mega Millions Max 
  • US Mega Millions        
  • US Powerball   
  • SuperEnaLotto Max
  • SuperEnaLotto
  • EuroMillions    
  • EuroJackpot    
  • La Primitiva     
  • El Gordo Navidad
  • El Gordo         
  • El Niño
  • Powerball Australia     
  • Lotto6aus49
  • UK Lottery       
  • France Loto
  • Oz Lotto          
  • Mega Sena      

Whilst there aren’t many smaller lotteries from around the world, these should make most lottery players pretty happy.

Do they have any other gambling products?

At PlayHugeLottos you’ll also find a number of scratch cards to play for instant wins. Prizes can be as high as £250,000, which is nothing to be sneezed at. Plus, if you want to try them out for size, you can play in demo mode first.

Some instant win games such as keno or bingo or arcade games are also available here for some extra fun. Again, prizes can go up to £250,000. Who wouldn’t take that kind of prize in a heartbeat?

Bonuses and special promotions

PlayHugeLottos has a few things to offer their customers in this area. Usually, you’ll be able to find a number of promotions here. Keep in mind that you may only be able to use some of them once, however.

  • Sign-up bonus: When you register an account at PlayHugeLottos, you will receive up to 20 free tickets once you’ve made your first purchase.
  • Birthday bonus: Special promotions await on your birthday.
  • Tell-a-friend bonus: For every friend that signs up through a link you provide them with you can get 5 SuperEnaMax vouchers.
  • LottoPoints Reward Program: You can earn points for every non-discounted ticket you buy at PlayHugeLottos. You get free tickets by swapping those points once you’ve reached a particular tier. Keep in mind that you earn points during a 30-day cycle, so your tier is updated accordingly.

Banking options and payout of wins

Thankfully, PlayHugeLottos provides a separate page for everything regarding payments. They provide comprehensive information for all the payment options you have there. Naturally, you’ll be able to play via credit cards, eWallets, prepaid methods, EFT and bank transfers as well as (near) instant banking options.

Each one of those methods is explained on their website should you have any questions. They also make special mention that you cannot withdraw funds you deposited through any of those means. After all, this is not an online casino and it’s in adherence with international money laundering laws.

However, if you win through a ticket or bet purchased at PlayHugeLottos, you will be able to withdraw those wins. You’ll be able to withdraws wins in pounds, euros or US dollars, depending on your withdrawal method.

Interestingly, all wins are paid out by PlayHugeLottos, even if you win a jackpot through an international lottery. You get 100% of your wins from PlayHugeLottos just as soon as your win is confirmed, and all verifications have been done. No need to show up anywhere in person to claim your win.

That said, PlayHugeLottos reserves the right to pay out big jackpots as an annuity in monthly instalments. You will still get all of your money, but not all at once.

Contrary to other lottery agents or betting sites, PlayHugeLottos doesn’t showcase big wins or winners on their site. They do claim a 100% payout record and advertise over 550,000 winners through their site.

Customer service

If you have questions regarding their products, services, your account or tickets or whatever else pops into your mind that the customer service at PlayHugeLottos might be able to help you with, you can click the ‘Support’ button and find answers.

They provide an FAQ page there that is quite comprehensive, though you may have to do some scrolling to find your topic.

You’ll be able to see whether live support is online or not (the icon is red for no and green for yes), you can request a call back or send an email if you prefer. PlayHugeLottos also has a few international numbers you can call directly (none for India, though).

Oddly, the live chat is available only in English and Portuguese. It’s also unclear what their opening hours are. It’s not 24/7, mind you.

Usability and mobile play

The PlayHugeLottos website is easy to use and well-organised. There aren’t any unnecessary gimmicks and overall, the functionality doesn’t leave much to be desired. It’s not the most flashy or attractive site. But it doesn’t need to be.

The site is supported in various languages (though customers from India will once again have to contend with English).

They don’t provide a mobile app, which is generally not much of a big deal since most pages nowadays easily convert to the mobile browser anyways. In the case of PlayHugeLottos, you’ll automatically be transferred to their mobile site, which is very easy to use and definitely more attractive than the desktop page. So, no complaints here.

Conclusion: A solid lottery agent and lotto betting site that has a few but no major flaws

Overall, PlayHugeLottos does a good job. They’ve been around for ages and are reasonably popular among lottery players. Apparently, they’ve sold of 35 million lottery tickets in their time.

They are reliable, trustworthy, offer a good customer experience with a decent website and great mobile page as well as comprehensive customer service.

What bothers us is that you can’t choose whether to play a lottery or bet on it. You don’t know which is which and that’s annoying. We also don’t like the fact that jackpot wins may be paid out in instalments, which you also can’t influence.

Players from India just need to keep in mind that you won’t be able to play in INR. Otherwise PlayHugeLottos is worth checking out if you want to play some lotteries and see how things go.