PlayWin was a lottery site operated through the Sikkim government under their lottery gambling regulations. The site first opened up to Indian customers everywhere in 2001. They have been offering a variety of lotteries throughout the years, but in their final years still operated five different lotteries throughout the week.

Last year, PlayWin was forced to go into insolvency with their last lottery draw taking place in October 2019. Whilst their website, is still online, you won’t be able to purchase tickets here anymore. It seems unlikely that PlayWin will operate again in the future.

Here we just have a brief look at what this site used to be about in case you are interested.

The PlayWin Lotteries

PlayWin used to offer five different lotteries you were able to purchase tickets for:

  • Tuesday Thunderball – Draw every Tuesday with a jackpot of Rs. 1.05 crores
  • Jaldi 5 Double – Draw every Wednesday with a jackpot of Rs. 10 lakhs
  • Thursday Super Lotto – Draw every Thursday with jackpot of Rs. 2 crores
  • Jaldi 5 – Draw every Friday with a jackpot of Rs. 5 lakhs
  • Saturday Super Lotto – Draw every Saturday with a jackpot of Rs. 2.05 crores

Additionally, you could play Keno, the Fast Digit Lottery and the Lucky Four game at PlayWin every week for additional but smaller wins.

Whilst we don’t have the prize structure for every lottery that was available at PlayWin, the one for the Saturday Super Lotto looked like this:

Matching NumbersPrizeOdds of winning
6 numbersRs 2 Crores1 in 13,983,816
5 numbersRs 50,0001 in 54,201
4 numbersRs 5001 in 1,032
3 numbers and bonus ballRs 501 in 57
The overall odds of winning any prize is 1 in 54.

PlayWin Winner’s Club

Was PlayWin legitimate? Absolutely! It was legally operated under the laws of Sikkim state where the lottery has been legalised many years ago. As such, PlayWin was definitely legitimate. And they regularly reported on their winners.

PlayWin has a Winner’s Club, which you can still look at on their website. In fact, listed winners go all the way back to the first year of lottery draws at PlayWin. Smaller wins were usually scored at Keno and could still be INR 60,000. The Saturday Super Lotto carried the biggest jackpots and was won frequently as well. One such winner went home with INR 31,607,191.

Of course, there won’t be any new winners, but if PlayWin would still operate, you would still have a chance at joining the Winner’s Club.

Why did PlayWin have to close?

From what we found out, the CID (Crime Investigation Department) of Andhra Pradesh wanted to ban PlayWin in 2014 for illegally offering lotteries in their state. Whilst we don’t know what happened or whether this is true, things only went downhill from 2017 onwards.

The Goods and Services Tax Council ordered a dual tax rate for lottery tickets in the country. That meant that private lottery distributors all of a sudden had to pay a tax rate of 28%. Whilst this was protested vehemently, many vendors had to close their businesses.

PlayWin tried to counteract the measure by simply hiking up their lottery ticket price by 30%. That deterred customers, however.

In 2018 then, the state government of Karnataka banned PlayWin from operating in their state.

After taking up a loan that the Pan India Network Limited, the operator of PlayWin, was unable to repay by its due date, Sagar E Shop Private Limited filed a petition against them for defaulting on their debt.

That was in April 2019. Ultimately, Pan India Network Limited was found to be at fault and the Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process against them was issued.

Would we recommend PlayWin now it were still operational?

Regardless of how things ended with PlayWin, for many years it was a great address for players from India to enjoy some good lottery games all week long. Ultimately, PlayWin overreached and went bankrupt.

Whatever the reasons may have been in the background, the site did a good job for a long time to provide lottery games to players from India. The website was solidly designed and easy to navigate. They even offered their own app for iOS and Android devices.

They even offered a fun feature of hot and cold numbers, where you could check out which numbers were drawn the most.

If they were still operational, we’d recommend you check them out. As it is, we can only be nostalgic about things and hope for something similar to come along again one day.